#ItTakesAVillage: Get in Touch with Your Money Mindset-What Your Financial Statements Can & Should Do for Your Business

Balance Sheet. Income Statement. Profit and Loss Statement. Your financial statements should not be scary to you. They should provide you with a map that makes your entrepreneurial journey easier to navigate.

Join Village Bank President, Aleesha Webb, and Erin Newkirk at ModernWell for #ItTakesAVillage: Get in Touch with Your Money Mindset-What Your Financial Statements Can & Should Do for Your Business. Aleesha will walk step by step through how your financial statement numbers affect your growing business. Get in touch with your money mindset!

About the speakers:

Aleesha Webb – Village Bank President & Vice Chairwoman of the Board

At her core, Aleesha Webb is a village builder, continually striving to create life-long connections with her clients, customers and community. She adds true value to relationships by determining the right solutions for individual needs, watching out for their best interests, and offering authentic, high-touch customer service.

Aleesha’s banking career spans over 25 years and began on the front lines of Village Bank. With plans to introduce new digital services and increase Village Bank’s community presence and banking locations, Aleesha is on pace to change the future of community banking in Minnesota. While other community banks are being purchased by national banks, Aleesha is recommitting to Village Bank’s mission of serving its communities, and focusing on economic stability. The deeply-rooted difference that makes Village Bank matter to all customers is the genuine community bank approach that comes from being family-owned and operated. Aleesha treasures her time with family, friends and her fellow Villagers!

Erin McCormack Newkirk – Satya Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

An award-winning innovator with rich leadership in tech, consumer packaged goods, and healthcare; spanning start-ups to growth companies to billion-dollar brands. Erin is well-versed in team building, marketing, branding, product/experience management, planning, strategy, writing, and speaking. 

One of Erin’s most recent entrepreneurial endeavors was launching Satya in 2018. Satya is focused on helping founders maximize business potential and feel great while they do it. Whether your start-up is in ideation, launch, or full-on growth mode, if you have a vision of how you want to make your mark on the world, Satya can help you achieve success AND happiness.