Lunchtime Learning with Elissa Cohen

Your Period is a Vital Sign: How to Listen to What it is Telling You

A lot of times we think of our periods at the best as an indication of fertility, and at the worst as something we must survive every month as women.  But in reality, our periods are truly a gift.  There is so much information that your body can tell you and once you learn to listen you can unravel a key to your health!

This class is for you if: 

  • Your periods are wonky and you can’t figure out why
  • You are thinking about coming off of birth control and you want to learn more about your cycle and how it works
  • You have strong PMS symptoms like painful periods, tender breasts, and moodiness and want to decode what they are telling you
  • You are a woman and want to learn more about your period!


Elissa Cohen is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Functional Diagnostic Health Coach and hormone expert.  She uses functional lab work and supportive health coaching to help women who struggle with hormonal imbalance, irregular periods, PMS, fatigue, and weight they can’t seem to lose.  She believes that our bodies know how to heal themselves.  Sometimes they just need some help along the way!