Lunchtime Learning w/Tammie Rosenbloom
In this ModernWell Lunchtime Learning session you will learn how to manage anxiety (your own and your kids) in today’s anxiety provoking world.
Led by Tammie Rosenbloom, MSW, LICSW
Therapist Bio:
I’m a solution oriented therapist, providing a consistent voice. See me if you like a direct and straightforward approach. I want you to feel better as quickly as possible and believe this is best accomplished using a blend of cognitive behavioral therapy also known as CBT. My clients like that I hold them accountable.  I help push them toward their goals in a compassionate caring way. We will break down big problems into manageable parts. You will learn practical, hands on strategies that work even if your life is messy, painful or difficult. I am enthusiastic about my work and there’s always room for fun and laughter. I won’t let you stay stuck!