Do the work you were made to do: Future Selves (VIRTUAL)

The concept of future selves is based on narrative theory. The idea is that within each one of us there are multiple lives or people we could become. Each of those selves include the different facets of you as well as the choices you make. Give yourself permission to explore those possible iterations of you.  This is a fun, imaginative exploration of who you are and who you could be- so you can thoughtfully choose who you wish to be in this next chapter.  You will create three imaginary lives, (Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way), look at your buried dreams, and tap your imagination to create your most beautiful life and work (Glennon Doyle, Untamed). 


Your guide to meaningful work: Molly Conlin Peterson, MA, PCC

I’ve guided and coached thousands of executives, professionals in career transition and leaders on a path to more meaningful work over the past 23 years.


I help you feel inspired and focused with a clear purpose. And, I help you to communicate your purpose in a compelling way so you don’t waste valuable time and resources.


I teach courage building skills in every coaching engagement. As a certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator (Brené Brown) I help you “dare greatly” in big and small ways to move you towards what you really want.

  • HEART:

I help you access meaningful guidance and connections with others, authentically. In addition, I provide a soft place to land for you to receive encouragement, care, and coaching. 

*This is a virtual session