TravelWell: Embedding Experience into Memory

“Had a good time, glad to be home.”

A vacation that’s months in the planning, costing years’ worth of savings and traveling thousands of miles deserves more than a t-shirt, a pile of credit card bills and a cliché. Traveling well really is both a skill and an art. Whether it’s an epic honeymoon, a life-changing walkabout, a soul-saving sabbatical, or a summer stay-cation, the Art of Travel workshops will help you extract the most value out every vacation.

In this workshop, you learn and practice skills that create powerful and enduring memories. You’ll learn how to:

  • Adopt multi-sensory practices to tap into brain chemistry that embeds our experiences in permanent memory
  • Engage in ways that invite and foster meaningful connectivity with people and surroundings
  • Develop the physical and emotional resilience that minimizes the travail of travel

We’ll use a variety of learning experiences including guided imagery, journaling, lecture, and discussion to explore and practice the Art of Travel skills to help you design your transformational journey.

Marie Swanson is a writer, trainer, and travel coach, who loves to share stories, offer insights, and curate experiences. Seeing the world through an artist’s eyes and living life with a traveler’s heart, she believes every day should be lived as if on vacation.  Recent journeys included extended stays in Portugal, Berlin, Switzerland, Paris, and Nice.