Managing Stress and Hormones: A Women's Health Conversation and Yoga Class

Join our panel and the Emma community for a panel conversation about managing stress, along with a yoga class led by Goldie Graham.

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About Connect with Emma: Emma was founded by the belief that everyone benefits when mothers are supported and cared for holistically. Seeing a gap in regular, holistic maternal health support for women, Michelle and Molly founded Emma in 2019 with an authentic and supportive spirit. In addition to our online community, we accomplish this by facilitating unique, modern events ans retreats that provide a space for education, community, and self-care. We believe there is a better way to approach the journey to motherhood and wholly stand behind the holistic approach pulling together a panel of experts as evidenced by our Advisory Board. The guiding principles that founded Emma are present in all that we do. Empowering. Holistic. Women-led. Better together.