Map Your Marketing with Casey Fuerst

When you don't have a marketing plan, you are leaving your goals to chance!

Marketing is necessary and doing it well can be hard. You need a tool that gives you step-by-step instructions and guidance in creating a marketing plan that will work for you.

 Casey Fuerst has created the T3 Marketing Blueprint to help you create marketing plans that are simple and easy-to-follow. During this two-hour workshop, she’ll walk you through the core components and get you started on creating your own marketing plan.

During this two-hour session, we'll cover:

  • The value of a comprehensive, strategic marketing plan
  •  Elements of a strong plan
  • How to set SMART goals 
  • Choosing the right audiences
  • Who should be on the execution team
  • Choosing the right marketing tactics

 You’ll also create:

  • An audience persona to help you more fully understand who you serve
  • The beginnings of a marketing plan for your business/organization

You'll leave with lots of practical tips for creating your marketing plan!