Nutrition and Habit Change: What Works, What Doesn't, and What You Can Do Right Now

Change is hard. And nutrition is confusing. Get ready as Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach and Advanced Certified Personal Trainer Megan Schall simplifies the all too overwhelming and confusing information out there about nutrition and discusses strategies that actually work for changing nutritional habits in the long run. Are you looking to make changes to your eating habits and your relationship with food without calorie counting, meal plans and fad diets? Megan is your woman! She will discuss why calorie counting and meal plans don't work, how to filter out the noise and tune into our body, and what you can do TODAY to create a lasting change as well as address topics of interest and roadblocks in the change process. 

Megan grew up in Minneapolis and received her degree in Sport Management from the University of Minnesota, after which she attended the the National Personal Training Institute and received her personal training certification in 2011. Megan has been training clients at Snap Fitness for 7+ years and began offering an online nutrition coaching program after getting her nutrition coaching certification in 2017.