A women-centered collaborative space.

Kind and inclusive, we are unaffiliated with any religion or political party, welcoming all who believe in the power of women supporting women.

About ModernWell

ModernWell is a co-operative work, writing, and wellness space in Minneapolis. Whether you want to meet a friend, colleague, or client for a cup of coffee or tea; schedule a board meeting; listen to an inspiring speaker; or simply want to get out of your house or office to work on the novel you've always wanted to write, read the book that has been on your nightstand for months, or take a yoga class, ModernWell is your go-to oasis. 

ModernWell is a haven for women who want to work, create, explore, and renew. ModernWell serves as a safe space for women to work independently or collaboratively and to be a part of an inspiring community of women who are intentional about aspiring to be their best selves and bring out the best in others.

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